Google Copy Write Help

March 4, 2010

Being in law enforcement or in support of law enforcement and for those of you that have sat in my class on Train the Trainer know my thoughts on “stealing” files, quotes or photos for your classes without properly representing the source. You also know that my slides primarily contain images and very few words. What you may not know is that Google has a very good tool for searching through images to use in your presentation (or research papers for that matter) that will filter for material that is not copy write protected and/or has been specifically labeled for reuse with no (or some limited) restrictions.

For example, in the Google search window, click on the “Images” link.

Next to the Google search box, click on “Advanced Image Search”.

In one of the “Find Results” boxes, type in a word or phrase related to the image you are looking for. In the “Usage Rights” drop down box you will be presented with several options. Click on the “labeled for reuse” (or the “labeled for commercial reuse if you plan on making any money on your paper or presentation) and then click the Google Search button.

Hopefully you will be presented with a page of pictures related to your project, all of which you can feel free to use without fear of copy write issues.

Hope this helps – Steve

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